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‘Waterland’ is the third novel of Graham Swift, published in 1983. His 'Last Order' won the 1996 Booker Prize, but it is often said that his best novel is ‘Waterland’.

Fifty-two-year-old Tom Crick whose wife arrested for snatching a baby is a history master, living in Greenwich where world time begins, and being asked to bow out. He speaks to his students, "Children ..." and starts his strange history class.

He speaks about the history of Fens where he was born and brought up, the history of his maternal ancestor, the sex with his wife Mary in their young days, his intellectually disabled brother Dick, the murder of Freddie Parr, French Revolution, the eel life, incest, abortion, madness, ghost... The author quests for "what history is" through the postmodern way.

Fens, in East Anglia, was a waterland since ancient times. It was the Atkinsons that converted this region into the farmland for barley by dainages. The end of the 18th century, Tomas Atkinson be…

Jogging at night

I usually go jogging in the morning, sometimes in the late afternoon, on weekend. Because I have to work on weekdays. So I've put on weight a little recently because lack of exercise.

Last week, I began to go jogging at night every day. I can go jogging any time, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. This was a good idea for me, because I have solar photosensitivity and I have to work on weekdays. And I can also take a bath soon after jogging. Of course I have to pay attention to a traffic accident and obstacles on the street which cause a wrench, .

A few days ago, though it was raining, I went jogging at night. When I checked the weather forecast on High-resolution Precipitation Nowcasts of Japan Meteorological Agency, it showed it would stop to rain for a while. But, in fact, it began to rain a little hard soon as I started jogging. I got soaking wet at that night.