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My American Journey

My American Journey is Colin Powell's autobiography from 1937 to 1994, when he resigned chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Therefore this book didn't mention his address to the UN that he told the UN Security Council that Iraq had developed mobile laboratories for making biological weapon, and he was humiliated. I think he should not have served for President George W Bush with Cheney and Rumsfeld. It was his greatest fault that he accepted the Secretary of State in G. W. Bush administration.

I don't know much about the African-American history or the background. Each one of them has its own history. Ms. Condoleezza Rice is the descendant of slaves taken from Africa directly. President Obama is the son of a foreign student. Powell is the son of an immigrant from Jamaica. His parents chose to emigrate to the USA for the same reason that Italians, Irish, and Hungarians did, to seek better lives for themselves and their children. That is a far different emotional and psyc…


I had a curious dream last night.

I caught a little bird with my cap when I found it on the desolate path. Holding it in my hand, I noticed that the bird was a black and white, tiny bird fitting comfortably in my hand. It was struggling and hurt my fingers.

After relishing the feeling for a while, I released the bird in the air.


I've been depressing lately.

I can't sleep well. I often wake up feeling blue in the dead of nights.
I'm distracted and can't concentrate on reading, and also made mistakes on my job.

I don't know what I should do at times like this.

I took a sleeping pill last night.

I might not be able to update this blog for a while.