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Renew my passport

I went to renew my passport with my wife.
I took a picture from the window of the passport center.
The other side of this bridge is Kansai International Airport.

Walking Hampstead Heath (the Last Day in London)

April 11th. Today is practically the last day of my London trip. All I'll do tomorrow is to leave London from Gatwick Airport. My daughter has many things that I have to bring back to Japan -- souvenirs for her sister, her own stuff and four heavy books etc. She is going to come to my hotel at 2:00 p.m. to check whether the capacity of my 65L rucksack is enough or not. If the size is not enough, I have to use her large suitcase.

I have enough time to do something until she comes. The bus stop of the 24 line bus is in front of my hotel, and the bus is bound for Hampstead Heath. I suddenly realized that if I got on the bus, I was able to go to Hampstead Heath directly. I decided to go. I would be able to return by 2:00 p.m.

There were few passengers in the bus. So I got a seat at the front upstairs because of enjoying the view from the window. The weather forecast said it was fine today, but it was raining a little when I got on the bus.

I didn't know it, but the 24 line bus wen…

Literary Walk in London

Once Chelsea was outside of London. There was a big residence of Thomas More in Chelsea. The place might be where Chelsea Old Church stands now, I guess. In the movie, 'A Man for All Seasons', Thomas More comes and goes to Westminster by small boat.

if you cross the Battersea Bridge, near Chelsea Old Church, to the south shore of the Thames, and turn right soon, the street is Battersea Church Road. The twin sister and brother, Eliza and Sammy, who were orphans, were living in a tiny room, little more than a closet, dark and damp above the Swindells' bottle shop. The twin had to work servilely. One day they played the Jack the Ripper game. When Eliza went close to the Thames and turned around, Sammy was not there. (The forgotten Garden by Kate Morton) Now this Battersea Church Road is a quiet residential area and there is nothing left of the story.

Jake was living in an attic of Magdalen's house with Finn who was like Jake's servant and shadow. Magdalen who was a gir…

The 7th Day in London

April 10th. Many tourists take a day tour to the west, for example, Cotswolds, Bath, Stratford-upon-Avon, Stonehenge or Oxford. So, I wanted to go east. Today, I am to take a day tour to Canterbury, Leeds Castle and Dover which I've made a reservation before leaving Japan.

The bus terminal of Golden Tours was just next to Victoria Station. It took 15 minutes from my hotel on foot. Since I've checked it on the map, I found it easily.

Victoria is the one of the busiest terminals, National Rail, London Underground, and the Coach Station etc.

The bus was gorgeous with on board free wi-fi and toilet. The tour participants were about 20 people, their nationality were evenly various. It was really an international bus tour. I was the only oriental person.

Before leaving, a gentleman in casual but neat clothes talked with all participants one by one with a smile. I thought he was a guide or a manager of the tour company, but he was the driver of the bus. The guide who was an elderly m…