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Not only Osaka, throughout the country we've suffered a record heat of more than 37 degrees Celsius each and every day. We are in long o-bon holidays now, so yesterday morning I went jogging in a nearby park where I used to go.

When I was younger, I was able to jog for about 20 kilometers pleasantly. But now I can run only 10 kilometers with drinking tap water or cooling my head with water. There were many joggers and walkers in the park, but as time went by and the temperature was raised there became fewer.

Since too hot I wore a thin T-shirt yesterday. I've suffered solar photosensitive symptoms in some part of my body as I had feared.

While jogging, I thought about Kinshu: Autumn Brocade again. In this novel, the reason why Aki and Yasuaki faced with their past in a serious manner and were able to get over it is because they were exactly sincere with each other and themselves. I think that the most important thing for the relationship with him or her whom you love or loved …

Jogging in the summer

I'm very busy so I can't go jogging everday. I usually go jogging in the late afternoon on weekends.

In the dog days of summer, when I go jogging, I have to wear a thick training shirts for winter because I have solar photosensitivity. I have alopecia and had treatment in hospital. Since then the medical remedy has caused the symptom. I quit the treatment more than 10 yeas ago. So the solar photosensitivity is not so heavy now.

The other day I went jogging at around 1:30 because the weather forecast said it was going to rain in the evening. The temperature was more than 33 degrees Celsius, it was too hot. I had 500ml pet bottle water but it was like killing me by heat attack.

I usually jog in slow pace or sometimes I walk, so I'm passed by other people who are walking fast.

When I was younger, I liked to go jogging under the sun in the dog days of summer. I called it "jogging to death." It was on the go-around path in the park and I was able to drink tap water an…