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Hike to Ohara in Kyoto

Ohara is a rustic and tranquil village surrounded by mountains, of north part of Kyoto City. It takes about 35 minutes from Demachi-yanagi station by bus.

I went to Ohara with my wife yesterday. It was cloudy and a little cool. We got off the bus at Hanajiri-bashi where is the south end of Ohara. We were the only passengers who got off the bus at this bus stop. We wanted to enjoy seeing cherry blossoms along the Takano River and hiking through Ohara. We never saw other hikers until the approach to Sanzen-in Temple.

Contrary to our expectation, except for Sanzen-in Temple, Ohara was not so crowded, rather quiet.

Sanzen-in Temple is the most famous and biggest temple in Ohara, which is located at the east end and hillside of a mountain of Ohara. There were many foreign tourists.

Jyakkou-in Temple was established in the year 594 by Shotoku-Taishi(Prince Shotoku). Jyakkou-in is located at the hillside of the west end of Ohara, and well known as a place where Kenreimon-in lived in seclusio…

Snow in April

Now in April, and the cherry blossoms season has come.

We have little snow in Osaka even in the winter.
But it was cold last weekend. Mountains in Osaka were covered with snow.

The Sea

The Sea is written by Irish writer John Banville, and won the 2005 Man Booker Prize. "Never Let Me Go" by Kazuo Ishiguro was on the shortlist in this year.

John Banville is known as the artist in words, but this book is very difficult to understand for English learners. I read this book twice a few years ago. The plot is not complicated and has little action. This was the third time to read for me, but difficult after all.

Max Morden, a retired art historian, whose wife has just died of cancer, goes to a resort village by the sea with his daughter Claire. The dilapidated guest house he stays at was once called the Cedars.  In the summer 50 years ago, the Graces were staying there as a rented villa. Now the house-maid of this house is Ms Vavasour.

And my life is changed forever.

About 50 years ago, in the resort village, Max's family visits there every summer and rents a cheap cottage. One day in the summer, Max gets to know the Graces who are rich family and …

Cherry Blossoms

When I went jogging at a nearby park last Saturday, I thought cherry blossoms were in the beginning of bloom and it would be in full bloom in a week. But cherry blossoms were full bloom in my neighborhood already yesterday.

So I went to see cherry blossoms in the park near my office on foot this morning.