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Trouble in a trip

You can't withdraw money at ATMs during your trip. You don't have enough money. How do you get over that kind of situation? Nobody can go on a travel without money for a month.

My daughter went to Europe alone on the beginning of this month. I've been worried about her trip because she can't speak English at all. A trouble happened soon on the first day. She failed to withdraw money at ATM at Heathrow Airport. She moved to Malta, and tried it at an ATM and failed again. She's never been able to withdraw any money for six days.

Yesterday afternoon, she called me with skype in tears. Her debit card became invalid because she input an incorrect PIN(personal identification number) several times. She called the bank that issued the card, but their response was cold, "The only way to be settled the problem is to reissue your card."

I called the bank again. My call was transferred three times, and told me the phone number of the particular department and your da…