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Walking Regent's Canal (4th day)

Since I walked for long time everyday and was very tired, I was going to rest myself today without hard walking. But I was not able to spend all day without doing anything in the hotel. I decided to walk along Regent's Canal and, after that, be in the British Museum in the afternoon.

I took the 74 line bus to Earl's Court Station and transferred to an underground train to Paddington. After that, I walked north for ten minutes and arrived at Little Venice easily. I thought Regent's Canal walk started then. It would take 30 minutes to Regent's Park.

I continued to walk along the canal. I took a lot of pictures. I often checked my position by google map and a GPS. Everything was going well.

I've walked for a long time, but I haven't arrived at Regent's Park yet. I've walked for an hour. I checked my position by google map and a GPS again. The opposite shore was a huge cemetery and a railway ran close to the path of my side. I should have walked the north s…

Walking the River Lea (3rd day)

It was about five years ago that I got interested in the River Lea and hoped to walk for the the first time. I happened to know that the River Lea is the second largest river around London after the Thames, and the headstream appears at a park in a village. In Japan, most rivers begin in mountains. I read a blog about the River Lea with interest those days (see: London geezer).

I thought of a long walk or cycling for about 100 km from Leagrave to 2012 Olympic Park at first when I decided to visit London in January. But I soon realized the plan was unrealistic for a short-term tourist. At last I shortened the plan to walk from Ware to Tottenham Hale. In fact I gave up walking at Cheshunt though.

I decided to go to the River Lea when I checked the weather forecast yesterday. It was already around 8:30 when I got to Liverpool Street Station. I bought two sweet buns and a small bottle of juice at Tesco in front of the station. Thanks to my daughter's instruction yesterday, I was able …