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Of Human Bondage

Of Human Bondage is a famous novel written by W. Somerset Maugham, published in 1915.

This novel is a coming-of-age story of a young man who is an orphan with deformity. It is said this book is autobiographical.

Philip Carey is born with a clubfoot and loses his parents soon. He grows up as an orphan and is brought up by his uncle and the wife. He struggles with his deformity through his life. In the divinity school, he is treated with a gibe by the classmates and lose his religious faith. He goes to Germany to study, then works as an apprentice for an accountant. But he quits the job only for a year and goes to Paris to study art. He finds a lack of talent for art after all, and returns to London. He decides to study to become a doctor like his father.

One day, he meets Mildred who is a waitress for a cafe, and loves her. Mildred is a calculating woman and only uses him to advantage. His love for her is unrequired and self-destructive.

People who have corporal defect struggle with th…