Jogging in the summer

I'm very busy so I can't go jogging everday. I usually go jogging in the late afternoon on weekends.

In the dog days of summer, when I go jogging, I have to wear a thick training shirts for winter because I have solar photosensitivity. I have alopecia and had treatment in hospital. Since then the medical remedy has caused the symptom. I quit the treatment more than 10 yeas ago. So the solar photosensitivity is not so heavy now.

The other day I went jogging at around 1:30 because the weather forecast said it was going to rain in the evening. The temperature was more than 33 degrees Celsius, it was too hot. I had 500ml pet bottle water but it was like killing me by heat attack.

I usually jog in slow pace or sometimes I walk, so I'm passed by other people who are walking fast.

When I was younger, I liked to go jogging under the sun in the dog days of summer. I called it "jogging to death." It was on the go-around path in the park and I was able to drink tap water anytime I wanted.

But now I go jogging along the river near my house. There is no tap water on the course.


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