Climb to Koya-san

Mount Koya, or Koya-san(高野山 800m), is the center of Shingon Buddhism, and one of the most famous sacred sites of Japanese Buddhism. Kukai (774-835) who is widely known as Kobo-daishi is the founder of the Shingon sect.
I went cycling to Mt. Koya from Osaka alone last Sunday. Route 371 was a tough course to Mt. Koya. It was narrow and steep along a valley and I had to get over the Routou Pass(狼頭峠). Mt. Koya had sacred atmosphere and there were many foreign tourists in there. I had a small bento at a convenience store early afternoon, and then I enjoyed downhill of Route 480 to the Kinokawa River. The last difficult pass to Osaka was the Nabetani Pass(鍋谷峠). This touring was unexpectedly hard work for me.

distance 119.58km, average speed 16.0km/h, max speed 58.9km/h, pedal time 7:26:27, duration 9:32:45, gain height 2, 951m.


Route map

Routou Pass

A small tunnel suddenly appears.

Koya-san Okunoin

Sacred atmosphere of main street

small village in the mountain near Nabetani Pass

Nabetani Pass


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