Cycling with my wife

I sometimes go cycling with my wife. She is just a beginner and 152 centimeter tall. Although she can't climb long steep hills, she is full of fighting spirit. She started cycling on a flat course and has gradually overcome some steep hills. This time, the course has many hills and may be severe for beginners, but she ran through the long course.
I take her to more severe courses each time. She always overcome my challenge. Our cycling with 60s pair is wonderful, isn't it? We are planning the next touring now. I want to enjoy touring with my wife even if we are over 70 years old.

distance 48.08km, average speed 17.8km/h, max speed 49.1km/h, pedal time 2:42:08, duration time 3:38:50, gain height 847m.

at Sobura

at Sobura

wonderful downhill

Tawawa farm

the last long uphill


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