Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is one of the most famous castles in Japan. This was the site of Ishiyama-Hongan-ji Temple which was the toughest forces of resistance against Hideyoshi.

After the overthrowing them, Toyotomi Hideyoshi ruled over the country and began to construct this castle in 1583, placed the headquarter of his administration here. Hideyoshi died in 1598.

After the Battle of Sekigahara, Tokugawa Ieyasu took over the rule in 1603. In the Summer Campaign of the Siege of Osaka, Yodogimi, the second wife of Hideyoshi, and the successor Hideyori suicided in here. Toyotomi family perished in 1615.

Tokugawa Shogunate was functioned this castle as the core of the control of the western Japan and Osaka until 1868.

In 1935, the castle was rebuilt. Now the Osaka Castle Park is the largest park and the most popular tourist spot in the city.

I visited here yesterday. Due to the cherry blossom viewing, a lot of people, not only Japanese but also foreigners, came and were enjoying barbecuing and having an outdoor party. The path to the castle keep was quite crowded. Since I'm not good at photographing, I couldn't take nice pictures.


  1. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and historical information about Osaka Castle.

    My daughter is going to live in Osaka to go to a university, so I am going there tomorrow to help her to settle in her new apartment. My daughter and I are going to assemble some pieces of furniture and install some electric devices. It will be a tough day tomorrow!

    We will stay at a hotel near Osaka Castle --- because we are sure that the apartment will be too messy to stay there on that night ---and will enjoy the scenery of the castle.
    I can say that all your favorite authors except Ian McEwan are also my favorites. I’m sorry I haven’t read McEwan.
    I’m looking forward to get nice information from you!

  2. Thank you for leaving your message.

    I hope that your daughter enjoys her new life in Osaka.
    The cherry blossoms in Osaka Castle Park will be in full bloom tomorrow.


    1. 久しぶりに英語のライティングをしたら、楽しゅうございました!

      10行目のはall of your とofを入れるべきでした。



  3. Don't let it bother you! Your English is good and understandable.

    I didn't have any high education at all. I began learning English by myself in my late forties. Three years later, I stopped reading Japanese books. But, even now, my English is still poor.

    The Internet connects all over the world. Most people can't read Japanese blogs. You should write your blog in English. I recommend it.

  4. Thank you for your encouragement to me.
    I will visit your blog and leave some messages in English as often as possible.


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