Walking Regent's Canal (4th day)

Since I walked for long time everyday and was very tired, I was going to rest myself today without hard walking. But I was not able to spend all day without doing anything in the hotel. I decided to walk along Regent's Canal and, after that, be in the British Museum in the afternoon.

Earl's Court Station


I took the 74 line bus to Earl's Court Station and transferred to an underground train to Paddington. After that, I walked north for ten minutes and arrived at Little Venice easily. I thought Regent's Canal walk started then. It would take 30 minutes to Regent's Park.

Little Venice

Paddington Branch

I continued to walk along the canal. I took a lot of pictures. I often checked my position by google map and a GPS. Everything was going well.

Paddington Branch

Paddington Branch

I've walked for a long time, but I haven't arrived at Regent's Park yet. I've walked for an hour. I checked my position by google map and a GPS again. The opposite shore was a huge cemetery and a railway ran close to the path of my side. I should have walked the north side of the canal to the east. But google map showed me that the north side was a cemetery and no path on the shore. I frequently checked my position, but I deluded myself and I came to the opposite direction for an hour. If I had been in the mountain, I would have died for sure. Belief is mightier than a GPS.

I knew later that the west part of the canal from Little Venice is called the Paddington Branch, not Regent's Canal.

I went back a little and found buses in front of Sainsbury's. But I didn't know which bus I should ride. So I decided to walk to the nearest underground station. I got on a underground train from Ladbroke Grove to go to Royal Oak and went back to Little Venice again.

I should have crossed a bridge once and turn right to the Regent's Park. But I had to walk on the road a little while because a part of the canal run underground from Little Venice to Regent's Park. As a result, I was able to enjoy the beautiful scenery while walking the wrong canal.

Regent's Canal

Regent's Canal
I could walk to London Zoo and Camden market, but I went into Regent's Park to find a toilet. It was very hot today, too. I had a chicken wrap and cafe latte for late lunch at a cafe in the center of the park. I've already been exhausted. The south part of Regent's Park was crowded, and the Broadwalk in the park was too long to Marylebone Road.

the Regent's Park

the Broadwalk

I took the 18 line bus to Euston Square, and crossed the road to the south side through a tunnel. I walked to UCL, Tavistock Square Gardens, SOAS, Russell Square and the British Museum. I was going to be here around noon and relax in the museum, but it was already 2:30 p.m. I was exhausted and sat on a bench in an absent sort of way in the lobby for a while. I decided to see only ancient Egypt and Greece exhibits for the time being at least. There were a lot of visitors and many people seemed to be foreign tourists.

UCL(University College London)

Gower Street

Virginia Woolf Bust in Tavistock Square Gardens


Russell Square

The British Museum

in the Lobby

Rosetta Stone



In the evening, I returned to South Kensington from Holborn, and had dinner alone at the same pub as yesterday.


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